When I was younger I read a book
about a champion Cocker
Prince Tom, after reading this book it
inspired me to get a Cocker Spaniel.
DiFrancesco's Sassy
I was interested in showing a Cocker but had no idea
how.  My mom bought me my first Cocker Spaniel
puppy it was buff in color.  She was a fear bitter.  I
insisted on working with her.  She improved but was
always nervous around new people.  She had a litter
when I was 9.  Unexpected of course.
This started my journey.
My goal was to improve the Cocker personality. I
did just that.
I struggled finding a show dog.  I purchased two
buff sisters.  I found in their pedigree the champion
lines.  This buff girl, Sassy was my inspiration, she
was always happy and energetic and she loved
everyone.  She was a PetSmart model.
She modeled Halloween Costumes, she was just
I then continued to look into how to get a
show dog. In 2005 I started with my first
show dog.  This has been a truly amazing
moment For me.  I now have 5 finished
champions with outstanding personalities
My lines have behind them the Dal-Mar line.
I have just started my own line with the
name of
Stand Alone Cocker’s